It’s interesting how time works.  Sometimes you look at the past and think “where did it all go”.  Then you look at time and say “what is taking so long”.  The brain takes time and conceives it differently depending on the activity.  Time flies when you are having fun because you are not aware of time.  You only become aware of time when you are doing something you do not enjoy.  Then all of the sudden time becomes your enemy.  You want it to hurry up.  I realized tonight it’s been a little over 2 months since “The Best Ex Evar” said she was leaving.  2 months is in one aspect is wow I have been out on my own for 2 months now.  I really can’t believe that part of it.  Then there is this part of me that says “it’s only been 2 months and it feels like a lot longer.”  Time can be a funny thing.  Time is your best friend and your worst enemy.


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