After commenting here and there on Facebook and putting my general babble on Facebook and Twitter, I realized that there are times that I want to comment on something that violates the 400 word limit that Facebook has and really violates Twitter’s 140 character limit.  I suddenly remembered that I have a blog that I haven’t used in a really long time.  Hey, what a bright idea use my blog medium to expand on my thoughts.  I have a built in audience with my Facebook friends.  I can put links to my post on my Facebook wall and anyone that wants to read and comment can.

I sit and think about a lot of things.  Sometimes my thoughts range from the ultra liberal to the ultra conservative.  It depends on the issue.  I believe things that I know people in my closest circle of friends and family will strongly disagree with.  This is the place where those issues along with others will be written about.  I will keep the general babble on Facebook.  It takes me time to put together some thoughts.  I will lay awake at night and just theorize about things.  When my wife and daughter are sleeping it can be some of my most productive time.  It is my time to sit and think.

Life, Technology, and beliefs are what Outside the Box Thinking is about.  I don’t want to follow the normal.  Normal is broken, in debt, and lets the world around them control (Not Influence) who they are.  The world influences us everyday.  The key is to be you and not just follow what you hear or see.  This blog is also about standing up for your own beliefs and why.  We can disagree, heck that is half the fun in life.  Surround your self with people that you trust and believe that will be your friend not matter what your thought is on different subjects.

So welcome, my head doesn’t stop thinking so as time permits this blog will be updated with all kinds of things.


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Welcome to the place were I will talk about me, my job, and my life. Pretty boring to most but hey who knows what may happen. View all posts by badtx

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